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The Mischief Maker

Hi there! I'm Donna Sloan, the owner and CEO of Mischief Soap Co. I was going to write an absolute wall of text to introduce myself and explain how Mischief Soap Co got started and what we do here, but thought better of it (on sound suggestion of a trusted associate), so we're going with a few videos instead! I'm looking forward to interacting with you here and on social media, and providing what I can to fulfill some of your self care needs.


Hugs from Iowa! 

Donna Sloan

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How We Started

How on earth did we even think to make soap? Why make it a business? Watch the video for the answers to your questions about how Mischief Soap Co got started. It's our Origin Story! Enjoy!


What Makes Us Different

So what exactly do we do at Mischief Soap Co that makes us so different from others? Find out the process behind hand-blending fragrances, and why we do everything in small batches instead of in massive quantities like the big box makers.

What We Use

The ingredients we use in our creations sets us apart from other makers. Sure, lots of companies are touting their natural ingredients, but who pays more attention to where those natural ingredients ACTUALLY COME FROM than we do? Watch the video for details.

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